Published Stories

Here are some of Barbara’s published stories.

Newly published:

  • “A Tiny Little Historical Mystery”appears on O:JA&L – about a historical mystery I helped solve as part of the research for my novel When It’s Over.
  • Flying History”appears in The Write Place at the Write Time: Autumn/Winter 2017 – a story about some of the research for the novel.

Previous publications:

  • The Right Thing” appears in Blood and Thunder Fall 2017 – an essay about a real-life-and-death decision in a clinic.
  • Missing” published in Stoneboat Issue 7.2 (Spring 2017).
  • Re-Inventing the Wheel” appears in Kaleidoscope Issue 74 (February 2017).
  • Thin Blood” featured in the inaugural family-themed issue of BLYNKT (October 2016).
  • Mapped Out” in The Copperfield Review Vol. 15, No. 3 (July 2016); her first published work of fiction, adapted from a chapter of her novel.
  • Telling the Truth” published in Ars Medica Vol. 11, No. 1 (2015), is a story about her early days as a nurse in London and beyond.
  • What I Miss” winner, The East Bay Monthly‘s Summer Literary Essay Contest (2013).
  • Phone Home” in The Writer’s Workshop Review (November 2014).
  • A Beautiful Place” featured in Still Crazy (July 2015).
  • Half and Half” which won the Corona Worldwide story competition in Spring 2014.