“A Novel Idea” Interview

Feb 4 A Novel Idea Interview

My interview on Suzanne Lang’s wonderful program on KRCB – the NPR affiliate for the North Bay – was originally scheduled for early in the morning of Oct 9. That was the day the Santa Rosa area burst into flames in one of the worst wildfires in California history, with tragic loss of life and property. After several frantic phone calls, we rescheduled for much later. Thankfully, neither Suzanne not the radio station were directly affected, although of course, we all know people who lost everything, and our thoughts are with them as they try to re-build their lives.

When I finally got to meet Suzanne, I had a wonderful time. She had read When It’s Over closely, and clearly appreciated it on many levels. We had a far-reaching discussion about the book, the characters I created, and the historical background of the novel.

Now, the program has aired, and you can listen to the podcast, if you are so inclined and have half an hour to spare. Click on the link, and select either the Play Audio  or the Media Files link there.