3 Months to Pub Date!!

September 26 is exactly 3 months away. That’s the day for When It’s Over to make its debut on the world stage. After more than 12 years gestation and 3 title changes, the due date is in sight. I’ve been busy as a bee, reviewing typos discovered by my kind advance readers; consulting with my publicist on final changes to the back cover copy; coordinating plans for readings and radio and blog interviews; and organizing my first Goodreads Giveaway – must end June 30!! I’m excited as any mother-to-be.

I received a wonderful new blurb this week from Amanda Hodgkinson, author of the NY Times Bestseller 22 Britannia Road, which I very much admired when I read it back in 2011. It is set in England in the immediate aftermath of WWII, when a Polish refugee reunites with his wife and son, who have survived unimaginable horrors in their escape from the Nazis. I could very much relate to Hodgkinson’s novel, given my own family history. I approached several accomplished authors whose fiction bore some resemblance to mine, asking them for blurbs, but most of them either did not respond or begged off, saying they were too busy with other projects. Which I understand. It’s a lot to ask. Here: I’m someone you have never heard of, please read my book.  So I was very honored when Amanda said she was willing to do this for me.  And then to have her give me such glowing feedback is really an honor:

“This beautiful novel weaves an enchanting path through bravery, sadness, unexpected love, and sparkling hope. An involving story, utterly convincing in its historical detail…will remind you of why you love reading.

More good news: I have my first review on Net Galley—and it’s a really great one: 5 Stars. A bookseller named Natalie wrote:

“This is a beautifully written emotional story that is both heartbreaking and heartwarming. It brings to life the horrors of war, the bravery of ordinary people forced into unfathomable situations.”

And the Goodreads Giveaway is going well, with over 300 people signed up to participate, and 143 have added When It’s Over to their To-Read pile. All this is very exciting.  Maybe people will really like this little novel of mine….

I am enjoying all this work, and it is exhilarating – but I’m feeling pulled. I also want to get back to my second novel, my very slowly-developing-work-in-progress, tentatively called Spinning. It’s been so neglected of late. It’s pining for me to return, and that’s really when I’m happiest, when I am creating new material, feeling the magic of the words slowly, painstakingly coming to together on the page. But how to find the time? All this pre-pub work for When It’s Over is eating up my days.

But wait… I retired from my day job 18 months ago. I wrote When It’s Over while working in a very busy, demanding, at times stressful career. I can do this. I just have to think of the birthing of When It’s Over as my new job—and carve out my writing time for Spinning like I used in the old days.

Okay… back to work. I got some writing to do.